back in our day...


...we got lost in the woods chasing frogs, played kick the can until our moms called us in for dinner, and tripped over ourselves trying to catch lightening bugs. We want the same for kids and families today. We believe outdoor quality time is good for the soul.



We believe in families and communities getting outside together, and kids who choose nature’s playground.


By taking care of our clients' outdoor spaces, we pave the way for quality time, strong communities and fun-filled memories.


Jamie Feie, Owner/Manager

In 2011, Jamie had a vision to start a landscaping business that provides friendly, personable, and affordable service for Cincinnati residents and businesses. Having worked in the landscape industry for two years prior, he saw potential to do things a little differently. In 2012, he formed his own crew and studied Horticultural Science and Business Management at Cincinnati State.

Relationship-oriented at heart, Jamie feels accomplished when he sees satisfaction in his customers' eyes and can solve their problems. He is especially passionate about providing a healthy workplace for his employees, helping to further their future potential and career goals. And he enjoys moments of camaraderie with his teammates. 

In his free time, Jamie loves hiking, camping, canoeing, and all things outdoors. He appreciates deep fire-side chats with friends and family, and brewery date nights with his wife. His values include growth, determination, and confidence.

Your home is a part of who you are. It makes me happy to have the opportunity to craft a landscape you’ll live your life in. For me, this is truly is one of the most rewarding fields of work out there.
— Jamie

Luci FEIE, administration + Marketing

Luci has been a part of the Supreme Scapes team since July 2016. She graduated from Miami University's Farmer School of Business in 2013 with a degree in Management and Leadership. She is also a certified content marketer and specializes in digital marketing as well as strategic planning.

A true lover of the great outdoors and conversation, Luci is passionate about putting down the cell phones and getting outside with loved ones. Having grown up in the quaint little town of Loveland, Luci's spring, summer, and fall weekends are full of bike rides and ice cream cones. She values creativity, curiosity and spirituality.


I’m inspired by creating spaces for communities to be intentional and connected. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe face-to-face conversation is time well-spent. Laugh, drink a glass of wine, pull out your favorite book and live outside.
— Luci

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kevin feie, Landscape Crew Leader

Kevin has been on the team since August 2015. His favorite aspects of the work include being outside, staying in touch with nature, and an ice cold water at the end of the day. He grew up in Mariemont and still enjoys all of the town's charm. Kevin values acknowledgement, empowerment, and fun. In his free time,he takes his son to Kings Island, canoes down the river, plays golf and video games.

I’m most proud when we turn a client’s backyard into an outdoor living space to spend time with their family.
— Kevin

Jake Rackley, Landscape crew leader

Jake has been on the team since the early summer of 2016. His favorite part of his work is transforming a mess into a picture-perfect yard, followed by recalling the details of the job over a cold beer with his co-workers. Jake grew up in Fairfax and enjoys working around his old stompin' grounds. When he's not working, he plays in a softball league, walks along the river, and plays epic video games. Jake's values include trust, compassion, and creativity.

I get excited when clients come home and discover that their project turned out better than they anticipated. It’s cool to give them a reason to feel proud of their home.
— Jake

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Tyler Clarke, Lawn Crew LEADER

Tyler has been a part of the team since the summer of 2016. He believes the most rewarding part of his job is improving the community. Tyler grew up in Mariemont, Ohio. In his off-time, he cheers on the Bengals, enjoys cook-outs, and sipping local brews. His values include excellence, precision, and service.

I enjoy the opportunity to earn our clients’ business and improve the community one job at a time.
— Tyler