your yard is our canvas


What better helps you let go of the work day and slip into family mode than coming home to a freshly striped lawn and spruced up plants?  Not much, we say! Let us manicure your landscape so when the weekend comes, you can do your thing-- whether that be kicking up your heels or taxiing from one sporting event to the next.

lawn care

mowing package


Our lawn care clients appreciate our supreme striping skills with full clean up, so our presence is only known by the look of the manicured grass. We cut on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on growth. We mow, edge, and blow away all debris. Pricing starts at $25.00.

lawn aeration

aeration + seeding

let it breathe

Give your yard some breathing room by having it aerated in the spring or fall. Removing plugs from the lawn allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate down to the grassroots. We'll also over-seed to fill in any patches that the summer heat may have destroyed. Pricing starts at $85.00. 

lawn fertiliation

lawn fertilization

let it grow

Keep the lawn lush and weed-free with our premium fertilizer. Your lawn works hard for you all year round and it has a large nutrient appetite. We fertilize on a bi-monthly schedule. Pricing starting at $40.00.

landscape drawing

landscape design


Customize your yard to suit your preferences with gorgeous plants, stonework, flowers, shrubs and trees. Want to start from scratch? No problem- your yard is our canvas! Pricing varies by project.

mulching and bed edging and spring clean up landscaping

landscape upkeep


A full clean-up includes: weed picking and control, plant pruning, leaf and debris removal, bed edging, plant fertilizing, and mulching. We can also perform these services a la carte on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annual schedule. Pricing varies per property based on size, difficulty, materials, and preferences.


mosquito removal

enjoy Being outside again

Reduce these unwanted pests with consistent mosquito treatments. We use natural and harmless solutions- safe for kids and pets! Pricing starts at $59.

laying down sod

grading + sod installing


Need a clean slate with quick, lush grass? Sod installation will give you picture-perfect grass in a day! Pricing varies per square foot.