Come on now, Cincinnati winters aren't that bad... 


Maximize coziness by having your snow cleared and firewood delivered so you're ready to build an igloo or marvel at the white canvas outside your window. 

“Snow day? In my dreams. I'll still have to work.” Sorry Charlie, we empathize with you. Let us handle the white death so you have a clear driveway or parking lot, leaving any impending doom for the other guys.


snow plow

snow removal

sleep easy knowing it'll be plowed

Our snow removal service provides safety and comfort for our commercial and residential clients. We will plow all walking and driving surfaces, ridding them of snow and ice, and apply your preferred ice deterrent (calcium chloride, rock salt, or pet- friendly ice control products). Pricing starts at $50.00.

cincinnati firewood delivery

firewood delivery 

Seasoned, stacked, delivered-- it's yours!

We respect a proper crackling fire. Our childhood memories are filled with them! We store our firewood in a covered, concrete area so it's nice and dry for each delivery. 

Seasoned hardwood firewood is available in 4 quantities: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 cord with delivery and stacking included, though stacking must be within 50 feet of the truck. Prices start at $110.

Don't have a firewood rack? We sell those too. Prices start at $55.

You can submit and pay for your order on our website by going to our products page by clicking the link below.